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Urban Church Leadership Center

Spending time at a table with their children teaches parents as much as small-group adult conversation does.


FLI provides curriculum materials for parents to learn financial planning, organization, healthy eating, and time management in a small group setting. Some churches go beyond these materials to offer more specific classes like English as a Second Language, Family Dynamics, and dedicated classes on finances and nutrition.

 The adults value this opportunity to talk with other parents and grandparents because important growth and learning happens. During programming, families gather around tables for a meal. On each table is a set of questions to help guide conversations. There are questions about opinions, childhood experiences, daily matters—anything to get families talking.

In one church, a family of nine learned about parenting and decision making, and applied it to how they were at home. A single mom of five had been isolated, but throughout her weeks with FLI she was able to make friends and was seen talking and laughing with others. In another church, a family bought their first dining table because they finally had a reason to use one.